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Hardwood Flooring Installations 

Having knowledge about how the installation process works is always important in any floor buying situation. You should know what to consider before, during, and after the purchase to simplify your purchase decision. Installing hardwood correctly ensures its beauty, durability, and performance is maximized.

Hardwood Installation Tips

At Carpet One Floor & Home in Owensboro, KY we have our very own installation team that gets the job done for both you and us. The company we go through has some of the best and most qualified installers to ensure you receive a quality installation. 

When it comes to hardwood, installation methods vary by product. Solid hardwood requires glue or nail down installation, whereas engineered hardwood can be floated, or also glued or nailed down. Nail down, or staple down, installations are more cost effective and time efficient than glue-down. The most popular type of hardwood installation though is floating installation which you can only do with engineered hardwood.

All underlayments work around the same basic principles. Primarily, they act as a buffer between your subfloor and your new flooring. Since floating floors are not attached to the subfloor, they are subject to slight shifting when the flooring expands and contracts during normal seasonal changes. We suggest using a titanium cushion with a moisture barrier as an underlayment for floating hardwood floors.

To learn more about installation, check out our installation FAQ, or visit our showroom and speak with one of our flooring professionals.

Best Rooms for Hardwood

Bedrooms: The bedroom is a great place to install hardwood floors for several reasons. Not only will it add a feeling of warmth, but your room will benefit greatly because it’ll look more sophisticated. You’ll also not have to spend as much time cleaning them, so you can enjoy your bedroom for what it is meant for – relaxation.

Living Rooms: Living rooms are also an ideal space for hardwood floors. Not only can you show off your investment to guests, but you can also add value to your home and open up a smaller looking space with hardwood.

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