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Carpet Store in Owensboro, KY

Cozy, comfortable, and always welcoming, carpet is considered one of the nation’s favorite ways to floor, and it’s no mystery why. If you’re looking for carpet near you in Owensboro, KY, the flooring experts at Carpet One can help! We offer endless possibilities with carpet flooring available in every color, pattern, and texture you could imagine. It’s relatively quick to install and can dramatically transform all your favorite spaces. Regardless of your budget, décor, or lifestyle, there’s most likely a carpet to complement it.


Looking to add carpet to your space? Here are some carpet guidelines to help in your search!


Types of Carpet

There are appropriate carpet options for almost every situation, from high-traffic carpets for commercial settings to cozy, plush carpets for homes. Carpets are made from different types of fibers, including synthetic and natural options. Synthetics like nylon, triexta, and polyester are exceptionally tough, while natural choices like wool come from eco-friendly sources. There are also different pile constructions, such as high, medium, and low pile carpets.


The main types of carpet include:

Types of Carpet Fibers

Carpeting has certainly changed over time, and it can resist stains and spills, thanks to synthetic and natural fibers. Here’s a breakdown of the different fibers that can make up a modern carpet.


Nylon Carpet: Nylon is a durable carpet, and it can be treated to become stain resistant.


Polyester Carpet: Polyester fiber is a budget-friendly, resilient option, and it can be treated for stain resistance.


Olefin Carpet: Olefin fiber carpeting is best for low-traffic areas like formal living and dining rooms. It is often used to make patterns and designs.


Triexta Carpet: Trixeta is a synthetic fiber that is naturally stain-resistant and durable.


Wool Carpet: This natural fiber is one of the most luxurious carpets; it requires regular maintenance and professional cleaning.


Are Carpets Pet-Proof?

In some cases, yes! Pet-proof carpet is water-resistant and stain-resistant, making it a perfect choice for pet lovers everywhere. This carpeting will not only repel stains and pet accidents but also protect your subfloor and carpet pad from damage. We also offer a wide range of pet-proof and stain-resistant carpeting.


Some of our exclusive brands include:

Where Can My Carpet Flooring Be Installed?

Carpeting has a lot to offer to your home or office. It serves as a stylish insulator, keeping you and your family warm in the wintertime and cool and comfortable in the summertime. It also helps absorb sound to promote a quieter environment. And it’s cozy, slip-resistant, and protective in a fall. It is best to avoid installing carpet in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens.


Carpet can be installed in areas like:

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Carpet One Floor & Home of Owensboro carries a comprehensive inventory of fine carpeting products, including exclusive brands that cannot be purchased elsewhere. Let our expertise serve as your trusted guide as you search for the perfect floor. As a member of the Carpet One cooperative, we remain locally owned and operated, while also enjoying enormous buying power. To learn more about our carpet brands and other flooring products, visit our showroom or browse our online selection today!



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Is Carpet Padding Important?

Carpet padding is the foundation to any carpet installation. Having the right pad means your new carpet will last longer.





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